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Items we accept

NOTE: We are NO LONGER accepting Light bulbs Alkaline batteries TV’s/CRT Monitors Non-working 17” & 19” LCD Monitors Coax Cable All in One Printers Smoke detectors Microwaves Anything containing Freon Any software or magnetic media (VHS) Printer toner/ink Nonelectric items/Plastic/ Mouse pads Cardboard Boxes/Packaging Supplies Wood Speakers Laptop Bags and Camera Bags Manuals.

EcoBinary is an e-waste collector, refurbisher, reseller, and recycler. Our company vehicles come onsite, we load your e-waste items, and can handle all your data destruction needs. Your items are securely transported back to our facility and remain under lock and key during the entire process. e-waste items are then sorted and processed for re-utilization or recycling. We have industry experience and superior knowledge about corporate information technology and the need to ensure items are handled properly. Your security is our first priority!

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